Utanmyra: Typeface for Sound as Terror

Utanmyra is a typeface inspired by blurry images taken at Carl Larsson Gården in Sweden, of an old Grotesk font used as DNA when drawing the typeface. It was developed over two weeks during Easter 2014. I was searching for normality and everyday feel in the typeface, based on a text sample found at Carl Larsson Gården. It was an exercise involving listening to lots of Swedish modal jazz (Utanmyra derives from Jan Johansson's Visa från Utanmyra). Utanmyra was first featured in newsprint at SHOW RCA 2014 as part of a publication accompanying self-initiated sound research platform 'Sound as Terror'.

Utanmyra typeface
Self initiated
Type design, print
Royal College of Art, London
Project Role
MA Student, Designer


A caption photographed at Carl Larsson Gården from a slideshow about Carl Larsson's life. It was used as a point of departure for Utanmyra.


The same caption as above set in Utanmyra. 


Character map


Sound as Terror

Utanmyra was eventually used as typeface for self-initiated sound research platform "Sound as Terror", as  part of SHOW RCA 2014. The newsprint was a free handout to visitors during the show.

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