Harrow Council: Strategic Brief

Harrow Council, London, UK, going through a £60m restructure as part of their Civic Centre moving to a new site in 2020 – a new building and infrastructure yet to be designed. Harrow Strategic Brief informs the architects of essential interior considerations, Council staff’s structures and needs, client requirements, and a complex alignment of these key elements.

As design project lead for Harrow Strategic Brief, over the course of seven months, I managed a group of five designers, interior architects, as well as liaising with representatives in Harrow. The final product in physical form is the Harrow Strategic Brief box – a handover pack that synchronizes complex sets of interlinked groupings of information.

The 150 cards of the box are accompanied by sets of large scale architectural drawings, linked to the Strategic Brief in colour-coded sections. A set of ‘architect toys’, function as one of the custom activities of twenty codesign workshops designed for Harrow. Each co-design workshop was documented, analyzed, and presented through bespoke infographic templates.

A very ambitious and demanding project, which evolved with the changing circumstances over the course of seven months. Desing had to adapt from a planned content approach to more of a reactive templated design, to cater for continuous updates and live data input.

Harrow Strategic Brief
Harrow Council, London, UK
Print Design, Product Design, Information design
Studio TILT, London, UK
Project Role
Graphic Designer / Project Lead

Strategic Brief Box

A box with over 100pp of instructions, interlinked between cards  with codes (rather than traditional page numbers) referencing related data between chapters and sections. The box is accompanied with spatial information maps and charts of the Civic Centre, in turn linked to digital information charts.

Coworking Spatial Toys

Design of coworking toys used to let participants partake in planning their own offices – considering arrangement of meeting rooms, working desks, call booths and other interial necessities.


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