The App Bussiness Rebrands as TAB

TABface was born out of a need to rebrand the window glazing of eight meeting rooms, across three floors of TAB’s offices at The Spitfire Building in King’s Cross, London. I was initially asked to explore the numbering system and maybe even create some TAB numbers. Feedback was that no one referred to the meeting rooms by numbers, but by their assigned names – all relating to Spitfire fighter pilots.

I drew up a typeface based on the DNA of the TAB logo which developed into a semi-stencil font of sorts. The meeting rooms needed to be partially covered but also provide insight (for practical reasons and as a reminder of working agile and in the open). The initial letters of each meeting room are cropped to provide a sense of scale and connection across the floors of the three-story brick building.

TAB (The App Business)
Type design, Interior graphics
London, King's Cross
Project Role
Graphic Designer

Logo redesign

Renamning the logotype from "The App Business" to "TAB". The previous logo was intended as a "seal of excellence" in the form of a stamp. Unfortunately, it was illegible as smaller sizes. With The App Business providing end-to-end services rather than just apps, the name needed changing as well. The new logo is made up of custom lettering, keeping the seal of excellence as a symbol.


Merkury as title font and Noto Sans as workhorse, replaced Aperçu. Large client contracts and increasingly detailed piches demanded a typography that could be dialled from playful challenger to professional and detailed focused, something that had proven difficult with the previous font.


Applications and templates

Brand roll-out of Google Docs, Keynote, Office swag and printed matter. Most material was redesigned during the brand roll-out, with the exception from legal letters and BAU docs, which were templated with type styles and instructions.


Design and templates for Whitepapers and Case Studies.

Various applications