Kin + Carta:Visual Identity for a new Tech-giant

TAB and Solstice retired their existing brands and joined digital marketing agency AmazeRealise, as part of a global rebranding and realignment of digital transformation parent, Kin + Carta (formerly St Ives Group)

AmazeRealise, with a proven history of developing creative, data-led, customer experiences, continued serving clients as Kin + Carta Connect. TAB and Solstice which have served clients with a digital product-focused end-to-end service offering, became Kin + Carta Create, while Kin + Carta’s Advisory pillar rebranded as Kin + Carta Advise.

This evolution builds on Kin + Carta’s mission to make the world work better through technology. The new alignment brought 1,600 specialists across four continents closer together, delivering end-to-end digital services via three integrated pillars: Advice + Create + Connect.

As Kin + Carta came into being (eight global sister companies coming together into one) we had to work fast and lean when designing the visual identity. Kin + Carta also needed to meet accessibility requirements, and make sure the brand assets were compatible with current presentation software and brand assets could be easily accessed through DAM systems.

Kin + Carta
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Visual identity,  Design System, Art Direction, Digital Design, Template Design, Editorial Design, Social Media
Project Role
Communication Designer

Brand formula



A journalistic approach to photography focused on the user of the product, held up by a dark theme became the basis for Kin + Carta's website. The "challenger" position of Kin + Carta was communicated in playful touches in scale, detail and composition.


Existing case studies got redesigned to fit the new look & feel, following a simple system of cohesion.


Master templates for Keynote, Powerpoint and Google slides as Kin + Carta came into being, and later on re-desinged for Google slides only. After an audit of eight companies individual presentation templates, a pattern emerged for what slides were needed and for what could be improved. Apart from the Master Templates, another couple of +100pp templates were revisited and redesigned for BAU/Sales & Pitches.

Online events

Fwd20, a global online event hosted by Kin + Carta with 2000+ participants. Including Cloud-native infrastructure, Agile principles, overhauled priorities, enterprise pivots, 30-day chatbots, customer service failures, new economies, old data myths, inclusive design, mental health investment and the need to redefine the role of businesses in society. 

Design of logo, event identity and social media templates for hundreds of individual speakers, workshops, fireside chats, presentation decks and videos.

Change Report 2021

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