Konsthall C – Art Program 2023

Konsthall C, an art institution in a former communal laundry in Hökarängen, emerged in 2004 as a collaboration to foster cultural vitality. Evolving from an artistic experiment, the gallery's status transformed into a permanent fixture, featuring a range of national and international artists. The dynamic program includes exhibitions, events, and long-term projects within and beyond the space. Konsthall C prioritizes socially engaged practices, contributing to justice, democracy, and urban development discussions. The gallery actively connects with Hökarängen's local history, associations, and development, aiming for relevance on local, national, and international levels. Its goals encompass fostering diverse engagement, sustainable operations, and expanding networks and collaborations.

In early 2023 I was approach by artistic director Ulrika Flink to design the gallery's art programs – visual direction throught to final designs across all touchpoints. This lead to an ongoing collaboration with this progressive art gallery.

Konstahll C - various
Konsthall C
Visual Identity, Type design, SoMe, Print
Farsta, Sweden
Project Role
Freelance Graphic Designer

Under Asfalt, Havet

‘Under Asfalt, Havet – an artproject about our communal streets and squares’. This program facilitiates a participatory re-evaluation of public spaces' design and usage, including everything from action-based research to public debate, screenings and literature.


Under Asfalt, Havet - program posters:
Hökis Skate and Urbanizing Suburbia


‘Variations - a sonic weekend with Miguel Buenrostro’. A two-day program with Miguel Buenrostro, a researcher and artist from Tijuana, Mexico, now based in Berlin, with a practice, centered around ‘The Sonic Diaspora’.


Nordic Futures Residency

‘Nordic Futures Residency – Climate Change and Social Action’. A residency exploring methods of artistic research that encourage us to think critically about the intersections between climate change and race, class, and gender identity. 


Vi Arbetar Här

"Vi arbetar här" (We Work Here) – an exhibition by Hökarängen's Artist Network consisting of the works of forty-four artists. Among the works are illustrations, drawings, paintings, book production, animation, sculpture, photography, music, performance, poetry, as well as socially engaging practices.


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